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Sally recently apprenticed with Ottawa University Press for six months, learning more about the publishing business as an editor.

Examples of books edited by Sally

  • Autobiography of John Macoun, Canadian Explorer and Naturalist 1831-1920. 1979. Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club. 361 p.
  • The Muskoxen of Polar Bear Pass. 1987. David R. Gray. Fitzhenry & Whiteside/National Museum of Natural Sciences. 191 p.
  • Intercultural Dialogue: Canada and the Other. 2007. Martin Howard, ed. University of Ottawa Press. 134 p.
  • Marriage. 2010. Tom Kartzmark. To be published.

Books proofread

  • Translating Canada. 2007. Luise Von Flotow and Reingard M. Nischik, eds., University of Ottawa Press. 291 p.
  • Freedom, Nature, and World. 2007. Peter Loptson, University of Ottawa Press. 336 p.

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