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David is a regular science educator for the Students On Ice expeditions to the Canadian Arctic and beyond to Iceland and Greenland. Education and working with students in the Arctic is one of the most enjoyable parts of his work. In 2010, David was expedition leader for a Cruise North expedition from Kuujjuaq, QC to Resolute Bay, NU.

Since 1973 he has given over 180 illustrated lectures and talks on history and on wildlife to school groups and the public (from kindergarten to graduate students to Elders in Nunavut). He has been interviewed numerous times on television and radio.

For five years David led the senior Macoun Club, the young naturalist club associated with the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club and the Canadian Museum of Nature, which involved weekly speakers and field trips or weekend field trips. During his 21-years with the Canadian Museum of Nature, public education was an important part of his role.

While attending university, David spent his summers working as a park naturalist at Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia, and in Banff National Park, Alberta.

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